Timeline of assorted life, business, technology contributions and achievements:

CEO, Threefold Photos.
Re-acquisition of Webshots.
First patent awarded.
Birth of our daughter, Sophie!
Series B funding with Northbridge and True Ventures completed for Message Bus.
Series A funding with True Ventures completed for our first major effort -- Message Bus.
Creator and Curator of Serendipity Series.
The Empathic Web published on Huffington Post.
Completed the Western States Endurance Run -- 100.2 miles in 28 hours from Squaw Valley to Auburn.
Advisor to Zach Allia who pulls a baby Webshots and buys Free Gifts back.
Birth of our first child, Nico!
The Start Project created to turn ideas into products.
Launched a pay for direct message stream on Twitter -- Super Chirp.
fbExchange sold to Traffic Marketplace.
Power Twitter add-on catches fire.
30 Boxes again named Webby Nominee for Services.
83 Degrees offers a fresh take on blogging design and provides a concept model for what emerges as Twitter topic filtering as well as Facebook Connect.

Zach Allia's Free Gifts sold to SGN.
Micropayments article published on GigaOM. Thoughts on a business model for Twitter published on TechCrunch.
Co-wrote the first mobile web client for Twitter. Created the first link/media replacement for Twitter streams.
30 Boxes named Webby Nominee for Services.
30 Boxes named SxSW Finalist for Experimental Sites.
fbExchange launches as first link exchange and ad network for the Facebook platform.
30 Boxes creates sophisticated One Box event entry (copied by Google 3 months later).
30 Boxes creates the first open Web notion of people feeds where actions from numerous social sites are aggregated and presented as a calendar, lifestream, and social graph (followed later by Facebook, and many others).
30 Boxes uses boolean tags as an access control method for sharing information.
30 Boxes named Top Calendar by PC World.
Article about Twitter published on GigaOM and subsequently Wired Magazine.
Informal advisor to the Twitter crew. Ground zero 3rd party developer.
30 Boxes one of first 3 businesses on Twitter.
Created the Retweet!
Completed Ironman New Zealand with my wife Julie.
Design and development of Shoebox -- an experimental site (now defunct) in image bookmarking and tagging that anticipated Pinterest.
Webshots a Top 20 US media property.
Webshots second largest privately held media property in the US.
Webshots doubling in revenue year over year.
Webshots Desktop Client resides on tens of millions of desktops.
Webshots assets purchased from Excite@Home bankrupcy.
Webshots pioneers "news feed" style notifications of photo sharing actions both on the web and with an internet enabled desktop client.
Webshots broadens photo sharing to user generated content and creates the first and then largest public index of searchable photos laying the groundwork for sites like Flickr, photobucket, and Facebook.
Webshots in parallel with LiveJournal develop the first large web instances of friend networks (i.e. social networks) around photo sharing and aspects of community.
Webshots sold to Excite@Home.
Solo webcast of the Ironman World Championships from Kona, Hawaii.
Webshots moves to the Web beginning the category of online photo sharing.
snowreport.com is first commercial customer of AudioNet broadcasting audio ski reports from some 40 marquee resorts.
snowcam.com manages a minor engineering feat by recording a full ski season of images from Snowbird, Utah using a Snappy serial capture device, an analog dial-up SLIP account, on a Windows 3.1 laptop.
My first consulting client pays me for a website with a pair of men's shoes.
Hello World! My first web page with graphics.